Prison Map 6 - Releasing May 28th @ 3PM EST

Hello everyone,

We are proud to finally announce the release of Prison Season Six here on MCGlobe. We are very confident everyone will be pleased and excited with all the new changes and additions we have added for this season. Finally, let's get into all the exciting content for this season.

RESET TIME: May 28th, 2022 - 3PM EST

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Boss Rank & Rank Names

After 5 long seasons of Prison, we thought it was time to revamp our donor ranks to more of a better prison scheme as we believed the old rank names didn't fit into the prison category all that well. We would also like to add that no ranks were lost in this process and the only changes you'll be able to notice are your rank name & prefix.

Yeti --> Smuggler
Centaur --> Thug
Dragon --> Criminal
Phoenix --> Gangster
Goliath --> Hitman
[NEW!] Boss - All users who were previously Goliath have been automatically upgraded to the Boss rank.

Pickaxe Update

This season we have decided to update our Pickaxes and the Pickaxe Enchanter GUI to a brand new design which we believe is much better. The first update is to the pickaxe lore which will now display how many enchants are on that pickaxe. The second update is to the Pickaxe Enchanter GUI which we have completely redesigned.

Rank Progress Bar

In the earlier seasons of Prison, we had a feature that would display your current rank progress directly above your player hotbar but sadly over time, it had been removed unknowingly. Now in this season, we have added back this feature so now you can see exactly how far you are to your next rank up!

Robots Update

In the previous seasons of Prison, players were able to generate income using their robots regardless if they were online or offline. Starting this season your robot will only generate income if you are ONLINE. We believe using this method will encourage players to play/mine more rather than only logging on the server to collect their robot balance and then upgrade their pickaxe.


Boss Mobs will be making a return this season and we hope everyone enjoys slaying them inside the Pit within the WarZone! Cell members can also participate in slaying Bosses but be aware someone else lurking in the warzone can come and steal your loot!

Cell Value

Starting this season Cell Value will now be based on Cell Points and no longer Cell Value. Cell Points are obtained through Value Boxes which are given while you mine. Also with this change, we have decided to reset Cell Points at the start of each week to allow a more fresh competitive aspect.

Playtime Rewards

Players can now obtain a variety of rewards just by reaching certain playtime milestones. For each hour of playtime, you will now receive x1 Point. You may spend your points on Keys, Boosters, Pets, and more inside the Playtime Shop.

Autosell Summary

For this season we have decided to completely redesign our Autosell Report

Other Changes

  • Outposts have been removed (Temporarily)
  • Experience Enchant has been removed (Temporarily)
  • PrestigeFinder Enchant has been buffed
  • Added a menu to preview Donor ranks and their perks. (/ranks)
  • Buffed Donor Rank Pickaxes
  • Removed the message your Cell would receive when a member would earn a value box
  • Increased Dungeon Zombie spawn rates

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