Prison Map 1 - Releasing September 18th, 3PM EST

Prison Map 1 - Releasing September 18th, 3PM EST

OP Prison - Season #1
After many months in development, the administration team at MCGlobe is proud to finally announce the grand release of OPPrison to our network! We are very excited to release a project we have been working so tirelessly on. We have included all the information regarding our first OPPrison season down below.

Wait, Prison?​
This might come as a surprise given the original plan was to do Skyblock first! Rest assured, Skyblock is still in development and we have plans to release season #2 shortly after Prison's release. With that being said, we have received feedback from many that they would love to see a Prison gamemode done by us.


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Weekly Cell Top Payouts:
#1       $40 PayPal or $60 Store Credit
#2      $20 PayPal or $35 Store Credit
#3      $10 PayPal or $20 Store Credit
#4      $10 Store Credit
#5      $5 Store Credit

Weekly Block Top Payouts:
#1       $35 Store Credit
#2      $20 Store Credit
#3      $5 Store Credit

Plenty of Currencies!​

Prison is always more fun when there are different dynamics to the economy. With that in mind, we have settled upon 4 currencies which will be in use.

  • Money: Earned by mining, used for ranking up and prestiging.
  • Tokens: Earned by mining, They are used for applying Pickaxe Enchants
  • EXP: 1 block mined = 1 EXP. It is used in the /xpshop, where you can buy super rare items, crate keys, and more. I like to think of EXP as the Prison equivalent to Mob Coins on our server. It's pretty fun to grind EXP and earn crazy rewards for it.
  • Gems: Gems are the rarest and hardest to obtain currency. You have a chance of earning them while mining, but the best way to get them is by Supply Crates, Crates, Fallen Stars, or by defeating bosses. They are to be used inside the /gemshop to purchase Armor, Crate Keys, Boosters, Tags and more!


Our server is a cool and unique mix between the original Prison gamemode that everyone used to love and the features that modern Prison servers offer today. There is no better example of this perfect hybrid than our Cells system! Players have expressed how much they love cells compared to plots, and I agree. With that being said, the Plots system that is typically on Prison servers was very outdated. To remedy this, our Cell system is the best of both worlds!
Every player can claim a cell and be a member of other players' cells. On top of this, there is a /cell panel as well as /cell permissions to allow you to customize what actions are allowed and denied on your plot. I believe this system is the best available, and I hope you all will agree when you are able to check out the server!

The cell menu, complete with all the settings and options you might want.

The cell permissions system is based on the Skyblock permissions system you've come to know and love! Now you can take fine control over exactly what visitors, members, trusted members, and managers can do on your plot.

State-of-the-art Prison Ranks and Prestiges​

Part of what makes our Prison server the best is our ability to do everything better than other Prison servers. A great example of this is our ranks and prestiges system. Everything about it is designed to be easy and quick to use.
We understand how time-consuming it will take to rankup as you play, with that being said we have added the ability to /maxrankup or /maxprestige, this is all designed with convenience in mind. Additionally, you can also use /mine quickly to get to the farthest mine you have access to! Everything about it is convenient and fun.

CRAZY Pickaxe Enchants!​

While I won't be sharing everything about our pickaxe enchants (I want to leave some stuff about the server to surprise!), I can show the following sneak peek and share the following information: There will be 10+ pickaxe enchants which all have wicked effects. Additionally, all your blocks mined autosell, so you don't have to worry about inventory management! You can just sit down and grind out the prison mines.

A sneak peek of some of the enchants. There are many other features with our Enchants that you will have to find out for yourself on release!

Crate Factories​

For our first season of Prison we have decided to introduce Crate Factories. Crate Factories are generators that will generate Crate Keys for you while you're online and can be purchased using your Gems. Players can also upgrade their Factory tier using their gems to have the ability to receive more keys each time the factory generates.

PvP events and mechanics!​

The warzone/warp pvp will have some pretty crazy events going on in it! From the KoTH event, to the SoulChests, to the Supply Crate event, PvP will be fun and rewarding on Prison! Additionally, we are introducing Bosses into Prison, At this crazy boss mob pit, you can fight and battle the bosses with your Cell members or alone. They will carry overpowered rewards to any who dare to fight them.

Server Information